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of these writings will be available. it has a forward by former first lady, laura bush. >> we must talk a little about st. petersburg and her incredible journey back to meet her husband. can you tell was important about that story? >> in st. petersburg, and the years were difficult areas it is cold, it is forbidding. there are not a lot of other women there. most of the diplomatic biased to not travel with her husband when they get sent there. i have a baby girl, louisa catherine adams, and the child dies after about a year. that really devastates her mother. it is very painful. john quincy is also very much torn apart by the death. the war of 1812 has broken out here. he is sent to negotiated treaty and leaves louisa with her youngest son, charles francis, in st. petersburg. when peace is resolved and he is sure he will be returning home or sent to london, he asks her to join him. she makes this arduous journey from st. petersburg in the winter to paris with a son who is only seven of the time. and a couple of servings that she only met that day. she does not know she can trust them. as she is
guided president bush in his second term victory, but in reality karl rove and george bush were architects a policy disasters that led to president bush been mired in 30% approval ratings for much of his second term. those ratings hurt republican and conservative brands and brought us president barack obama, and "obamacare." it is kind of the opposite of a permanent republican majority, you might say. of course, there is a way for us to come together and unite for a common purpose. conservatives will not be bullied into throwing -- in the 2010, president obama and his policies showed us that he was a unifying force for conservatives. we must make obama that again in 2014. friends, president obama in his second inaugural address all but declared war on the conservative movement. it took him four years, but finally the real barack obama, the one we all knew, exposed himself as an unabashedly liberal ideologue all to see. obamaderate myth that portrayed, aided openly by his friends in the mainstream media, that he was a transformational leader who would transcend politics is a comp
have been unusually involved in the war on terror. if it was the case with the bush administration, is more so the case with the obama administration. lawyers are the spokespersons. they are behind the scenes and in front of the cameras. obama hasn't employed his lawyers to explain what he's doing to the nation, why he has -- why he is doing it, and to try to make interface between the public an administration policy. which means basically that lawyers have been inseparable from the presidential policies, in particular about war and how we are conducting war under the present administration. there is really nobody better to speak about the issues to which this conference is devoted than jeh johnson, who recently left the department of defense as general counsel. before that he has had other public-service jobs. he was a prosecutor here in the southern district of york for couple of years. he was also general counsel for president clinton for the air force. there are many things you can say about jeh johnson, but from what i have seen and read and heard, hear other things i think ar
the eight years under president bush, but they act white that all this debt -- they act like all this that happen when president obama was elected. it just amazes me that they want to get rid of medicare, social security, and give tax cuts to the rich. we found outwar war wes cost $6 trillion, were lied into. i do not understand why republicans did not admit they are the ones that ran up the debt under president bush. that is why we are in the shape we're in now. host: of the amendments put it n so far, the senate passed amendment that would eliminate the 2.3% medical device tax. they also defeated an amendment that was the ryan budget proposal from the house. a couple of tweets. daniel says -- host: a couple more calls here. joseph on the republican line. i am 69 years old, and i have seen republican, democrats in power, and i get upset with these republicans because the democrats worked bush and a lot of time they went along with him just because he was president. the republicans need to work with president obama, and they see that when bush was in charge, it did not work, and
in the past, republican ryan's budget offers trickle-down agenda, the same agenda tried during george bush's presidency, which resulted in the widthering of the middle class and the total collapse of the economy. this budget shares in the same failed policies of the past and in a nut shell, it is unrealistic, unreasonable and unfair. first, mr. speaker, while the ryan budget is clear on its harmful proposed cuts to children, education and health care services for seniors, the budget blueprint is particularly light on details and heavy on tax breaks to wealthy americans who do not need the help. second, but of no less importance, the ryan proposal fails to repeal and replace the sequester, therefore doing nothing to prevent the loss of over 700,000 jobs the sequester will cost. by not stopping the sequester and through other budgetary tricks, the ryan budget will cost even deeper cuts to all of our nation's essential services, arranging from the deep cuts for services to women, to head start, and health care research, to homeland security. this lack of foresight will also result in some $80
presidential trip to the middle east, rather to israel, was not by president obama, but by president bush. worked for him at the time. there was a presidential trip in may of 2008. that was to discuss israel and saudi arabia, the sexted anniversary of the israel's founding, and the world economic forum, where the president met with king abdullah of jordan. and there was a longer trip in january of 2008 when the president went to the middle east, a very long trip, which i can tell you -- you have to bear in mind that every single stock in each country involved a briefing memo. when we talk about places that president obama is and is not visiting, there is a personal interest for the nsc stocks -- staff. your memos you have to write, the fewer stops. it is interesting to compare the middle east and our role in it, then and now. "down the major issues that my colleagues have been talking about. the clearest difference is iraq, which i will not dwell on. iraq in january 2008 was one of the main themes of the trip. that is why you go to kuwait to visit camps there. that is different now since
later the decision to ignore it has cost us. you may recall before the war the bush and ministration predicted the war would cost about $50 billion to $60 billion. that was the estimate from donald rumsfeld and dick cheney. the top advisor in the bush administration was fired for saying the war might cost of to $200 billion. larry wrote a book in which he argued many of the problems that occurred early in the war were related to the fact no one early on was willing to confront the true potential cost in those early days. today the u.s. has spent two trillion dollars in direct outlays for iraq. at this point, as we are thinking about the difference between 50 billion and three trillion, i usually remind my students about the difference between 1 billion and one trillion, up because they sound the same. thinking about it, we know if you had a million thousand dollar bills stacked on the table, it would be 4 inches high, and 1 billion would be 350 feet, which the washington monument is 555 feet, and the capitol dome is 258 feet, so it is in that range. one trillion is 55 miles higher. t
, reagan, bush. is the party doing enough to support the rising star governors once they get past the endorsement process? >> that is the plan for 2013 and 2014. i know our state parties do a lot of work. the rga does. we have a different party, too. 15 or 20 years ago or maybe more there wasn't an nrcc. there wasn't 10, 20 different 527's.r pacs and we have a big group of organizations involved in anding republicans conservatives elected. my job is to put together not only the best infrastructure and data and mechanics but we have our primary system that needs to be looked at and i think overall messaging. for the most are there are lots of players out there that are doing a lot of this work. the rnc has to play a role. promoting governors. they're the innovators. they are balancing budgets. getting things done. they are leading the way. and we are going to be involved. but there is a lot of different groups that are involved in this same activity. >> how will you keep democrats from picking their preferred candidates byate eliminating stronger republican candidates? they cite ne
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8